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B block law of stl recent case success 2024

2024 has been a year marked by significant achievements and notable victories for Attorney Brendan Block of B Block Law. Serving the St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO areas, Brendan Block’s dedication, strategic acumen, and pursuit of justice have resulted in favorable outcomes for his clients across a variety of challenging cases. Below are some of the key successes that highlight his expertise and commitment to defending his clients’ rights.

2024 Accomplishments: Recent Client Successes from B Block Law 

Unlawful Use of Weapon Case: A man charged in 2022 with the felony of unlawful use of a weapon found himself in a dire situation after allegedly following another man along Highway 64 and pointing a gun at him. Initially, his bond was set at $50,000 cash only. Attorney Brendan Block intervened, successfully reducing the bond to $40,000 with only a 10% payment required, allowing the defendant to post a $4,000 bond. In a significant victory, just days before the trial in 2024, the case was downgraded to a misdemeanor peace disturbance, demonstrating Mr. Block’s effective legal strategy and advocacy.

DWIs: In another challenging scenario, a client with five DWIs within a five-year span managed to retain his driver’s license without facing the typical five to ten-year suspension. Under normal circumstances, such a record would result in a lengthy license suspension and a challenging path to reinstatement. However, through Brendan Block’s strategic defense and advocacy for his client’s treatment and rehabilitation, the client avoided severe penalties and served only 10 days in jail on weekends.

Shoplifting Cases: Brendan Block has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex legal situations with skill and compassion. Over the past five years, he has handled numerous shoplifting cases, ensuring that none of his clients faced jail time. His meticulous efforts in negotiating dismissals and deferred prosecution agreements have preserved his clients’ dignity and freedom, even when the evidence of guilt appeared strong.

DWI Breathalyzer Case: One of the most restrictive penalties for a second DWI offense is the mandatory installation of a breathalyzer in the offender’s vehicle. Due to updates in the DWI statute effective from 2013, defendants can be held accountable for decades-old offenses. In 2023, a client charged with a DWI from an incident in 2008 found himself in a precarious position after another charge. Brendan Block’s adept legal maneuvering led to the exclusion of breath test results, preventing the imposition of an ignition interlock device and amending the DWI charge to a no-point violation.

Attorney Brendan Block’s accomplishments in 2024 exemplify his unwavering dedication to his clients. His ability to secure favorable outcomes in complex and challenging cases is a testament to his hard work, strategic thinking, and commitment to justice. These successes not only highlight his legal expertise but also his deep commitment to defending the rights and freedoms of his clients. As we look forward to the future, Brendan Block and B Block Law remain a formidable advocate in the legal arena, serving the St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO areas with distinction.Unlawful

Disclaimer: The choice of an attorney is important and should not be solely based upon advertisements. Each DWI case is different and you should consult with an attorney on specific legal issues.

Brendan Block

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Brendan practices law in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. He handles all criminal cases, but especially DWI, shoplifting, theft and possession cases. He is a former prosecutor who now defends his clients with the utmost care and attention. 


"A friend gave me Brendan's info when I was charged with possession. I had no clue what to do but he took care of it all. He was honest with me the entire time and got my charge dropped. I would recommend him."
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