How do I beat a THC/ Weed/ Marijuana/ Drug DUI in St. Louis, Missouri?

Pulled Over In Missouri While Under The Influence of THC? 

The changing landscape of marijuana legislation has given rise to a new set of challenges, especially when it comes to impaired driving. With the increasing acceptance and legalization of cannabis, law enforcement agencies are grappling with the complexities of detecting and prosecuting cases involving THC-impaired driving. If you find yourself facing a THC weed DUI charge in St. Louis, Missouri, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies of the legal system and arm yourself with the right knowledge and strategies to mount a strong defense. In this article, we will delve into the key factors and potential defenses to help you navigate this daunting process and increase your chances of beating a THC weed DUI charge in St. Louis.

How do I beat a THC/ Weed/ Marijuana DUI in St. Louis, Missouri?

Since the legalization of marijuana in the State of Missouri through the passage of Amendment 3, it is essential to recognize that driving under the influence of marijuana, commonly known as weed, remains strictly prohibited. 

The first answer to beat the charge is to NEVER smoke or ingest THC products within 3-5 hours and then think you can drive. Even if you think you can drive better while high.

The other best way to beat the charge is to give the police as little evidence of intoxication as possible. The officer has to build the case against you and prove your impairment by the drug beyond a reasonable doubt.

Areas of mistakes made by drivers include:

  • Admitting that you smoked or ingested pot. Almost everyone who I’ve represented for the drug DUI has either admitted to smoking marijuana, or had a burning blunt inside their vehicle, which prompts further investigation.
  • Don’t admit anything. The cop is not your friend or therapist that you need to tell everything to.
  • Another mistake is not having THC products in plain view in your vehicle. When you roll down your window to hand the officer your license and insurance, the number one way to get busted for something else is to have your drugs easily observable by the officer in your car.

Ask to speak to a lawyer if you are being pulled over and investigated for a marijuana DUI. Give marijuana defense lawyer Brendan Block a call so that he may advise you on whether or not to take tests that may be used against you in court in Missouri. He can help you beat a marijuana DWI.

Disclaimer: The choice of an attorney is important and should not be solely based upon advertisements. Each DWI case is different and you should consult with an attorney on specific legal issues.

 Driving under the influence of marijuana/weed is still illegal and law enforcement detection and arrests are being ramped up.

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"I literally don't know what I would have done without Mr. Block. A police officer stopped me and "smelled" weed on me and ended up charging me with possession and paraphanalia and intention to sell. A joke!!!!

Theres no way I could have afforded the charges or some big law firm. Brendan explained to me what he was doing to win and how he was taking care of it. And he kept me out of jail and saved me tons of money! So thankful for his help!!!"
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